The Manifesto Manifesto

One day, when I start a cult, plant a megachurch, or attempt to take over the world, I will write a manifesto. It will look like this.

From Kim Mok copy writing.

The author

Nathan runs St Eutychus. He loves Jesus. His wife. His daughter. His son. His other daughter. His dog. Coffee. And the Internet. He is the pastor of City South Presbyterian Church, a church in Brisbane, a graduate of Queensland Theological College (M. Div) and the Queensland University of Technology (B. Journ). He spent a significant portion of his pre-ministry-as-a-full-time-job life working in Public Relations, and now loves promoting Jesus in Brisbane and online. He can't believe how great it is that people pay him to talk and think about Jesus. If you'd like to support his writing financially you can do that by giving to his church.

One thought on “The Manifesto Manifesto”

  1. Fascinatingly Rob Bell uses the same sort of layout techniques in ‘Love Wins.’
    My 24 year old daughter looked upon it with disdain, preferring to interpret her own read prose instead of having the author impose their preferred responses on the reader.

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