The many deaths of Sean Bean

Sean Bean has made an artform out of the dramatic and graphic cinematic death. This video contains 21 examples of his work. Don’t watch it if you don’t handle violent movie scenes well. Do watch it if you want to see the same expression on his face 21 times. It doesn’t matter what era, or if he’s a good guy or a bad guy, he still manages to demonstrate the same perplexed “why me” look each time around.

7 thoughts on “The many deaths of Sean Bean”

        1. Nathan Campbell

          Don’t feel bad. It’s just a truism of blogging. I’m bound to get comments if I make a mistake…

  1. My computer was so inspired that it attempted to copy the actor and did a blue screen of death just before the video was finished!

    I’m surprised the guy is still alive, really.. that’s a lot of fake deaths, and things can easily go wrong with some of the stunts he’s doing there.

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