The real McCoy…

My friend, and soccer buddy, Brad McCoy is back on the blogging horse. He’s posted literally a dozen times in the last few days. Maybe work is boring him or something – but it’s good to have life in the bones of that blog. He writes about fun political things and ethical things and other things. His post on a Christian response to gay marriage is right up my alley – I’m glad to find other people out there who have a similar position on the issue to me. It’s reassuring. I like to comment there, though I worry that I’m turning into one of those pedantic argument pickers that nobody likes…

So you should go and throw your two cents in the ring too. Or in his cap. Blogging is a little like busking. Sometimes.

This is not a photo of Brad, it is a photo of a busker in Christchurch.

Sometimes blogging is just about keeping one’s balls in the air… profound.

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  1. Acutally, I’m pretty sure that picture is me. Thanks for the plug. yes, work has been boring lately. But I attribute my recent prolificness (proliferation?) to: a student wife, markedly increased consumption of coffee, increased reading.

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