There are times I wish I blogged anonymously

One of my core commitments to taking part in the world of the Internet is that I’ll almost always put my name to what I write. Sometimes I don’t for the sake of humour. Be it coffee reviews or opinions. I will always own them.

Sadly, this means that in times I really, really, really, want to explode into a personal rant, I can’t. So you get vaguery. Sorry.

If I ruled the world things would be different.


RodeoClown says:

Trial didn’t go so well?

Richard says:

If I ruled the world, there’s a large number of people who would already be up against the wall and shot. :)

Maybe you need a new blog? Let the observant who understand, read ;)

Nathan Campbell says:


What trial? I don’t know what you could possibly talking about. This post was vague and should, in no way, be tied to any actual or historical events.