YouTube Parties: Social gatherings 2.0

YouTube Parties. Have you been to one? Some dinners at our place in recent times have turned into such occasions. Especially because of the awesome power of the Apple TV… Anyway. At a YouTube party each guest shares one of their favourite YouTube clips hoping that it’s new and mind blowing. It’s pretty much the reason I blog. And it’s the reason you should send me any terrific clips you come across. Because I wouldn’t want to lose any of my 2.0 street cred.

Anyway. XKCD demonstrates the tension beautifully.

So. Got anything good to share? Lets have a Social Gathering 2.0 2.0. A virtual meeting of the minds. A sharing of treasures.


Daniel says:

The Doghouse Diaries got there first:

Randall to his credit acknowledged this on his blag: