10 “special” Christian books

I like to collect bad Christian books. It’s an addiction. I own all of these. And more. I feel like it’s time to share them with the world.

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10 thoughts on “10 “special” Christian books”

  1. These are top quality! At a recent book sale at my seminary I went and purchased quite a few outdated seedy marriage books and gave them to some recently engaged friends. Yep, I was pretty proud of myself for that priceless gift, especially when they opened it in front of family.

    1. Nathan Campbell

      The best thing about Backwards Masking Unmasked, which I picked up from a library sale at my college (seminary), is that on the inside of the front cover, in thick, red, marker pen, is the name of my New Testament lecturer.

  2. The cover art on Jacob Aranza’s book on Backward Masking is way groovy (or should that be yvoorg yaw?). It reminds of those scary mid-1980s videos which talked about the dangers of heavy metal music… In fact some fundies apparently discovered back-masked messages on popular Christian rock songs of the day which was justification for a local gospel radio station to banish them from their playlists! Hilarious.

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