10 “special” Christian books

I like to collect bad Christian books. It’s an addiction. I own all of these. And more. I feel like it’s time to share them with the world.

jogging for jesus



Jess says:

These are top quality! At a recent book sale at my seminary I went and purchased quite a few outdated seedy marriage books and gave them to some recently engaged friends. Yep, I was pretty proud of myself for that priceless gift, especially when they opened it in front of family.

Nathan Campbell says:

The best thing about Backwards Masking Unmasked, which I picked up from a library sale at my college (seminary), is that on the inside of the front cover, in thick, red, marker pen, is the name of my New Testament lecturer.

AndrewF says:

I wonder if anyone has tried playing Bach backwards?

Gary Ware says:

The final one looks vaguely interesting.
Have you posted on it?

Simone R. says:

I’m interested in the kitchen one. What on earth is it about?

Danielle says:

Oh my goodness. Pure gold.

Fred says:

The cover art on Jacob Aranza’s book on Backward Masking is way groovy (or should that be yvoorg yaw?). It reminds of those scary mid-1980s videos which talked about the dangers of heavy metal music… In fact some fundies apparently discovered back-masked messages on popular Christian rock songs of the day which was justification for a local gospel radio station to banish them from their playlists! Hilarious.

Nathan Campbell says:

I had some fun reviewing this book a couple of years ago – you can check the reviews and associated goodies out in the tag archive.

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