25 Words that could change your life

I’d be hard pressed to find a wordier week than this week in my archives. So here’s a change of pace. This is a great campaign from the Bible Society. 

Will you read 25 words of the Bible a day, with me, for a month? Here’s a reading plan.

You can read along with notable figures like MasterChef’s Kate Bracks, the Jesus Racing guy from the V8 Utes series, and Tony Jenner. Amongst others.

Tony Jenner was the AFES staff worker at my university in first year. We slaved through Chronicles catching up one to one, because he asked me what book of the Bible I’d like to read, and I told him I’d never read Chronicles.

I notice he’s doing Luke.

There’s also a series of helpful 20 minute sermons, and some talks for the “yoof” from Dave Miers.

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