A moving day

Yesterday we bid farewell to our home of two years. It was idiosyncratic and mould ridden, but it was familiar. We also, thanks to a bunch of willing helpers, said hello to our new home, in Camp Hill.

Which is reasonably well set up upstairs (though has a minuscule kitchen), and full of boxes of stuff downstairs.

Blogging will be sporadic in the next few days as we finish up the cleaning at the old place, and the setting up at the new – and as we rely on mobile broadband for interwebs.

We’re glad to be in our new house, and looking forward to this year, and the dust settling.

If you’re in the neighbourhood, and have my number, drop by for a coffee. If you don’t have my number and want to drop by, shoot me an email or something, and if you’re not too weird, we’ll sort something out. There’s plenty of room here for interstate and international visitors too.

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