Clowning around with the gospel

Here are some rules, or principles, for Christian clowning.

“When you enter the nursing home do not stand together with your group in a large cluster of clowns. Clowns can look rather intimidating if you see a lot of them in one place.”

“Choose a partner. Two clowns together are really great. If you attempt to make visits with 3 or 4 you outnumber the person so much that they may feel a bit uneasy.”

Via Scotteriology.

The guy in the video is Floyd Shaffer – the so-called “father of clown ministry”… he’s written a few books.

If I Were A Clown

And this one called Clown Ministry

Clown Ministry

If you want a good guide to “Everything New and Who’s Who In Clown Ministry” there’s this guide out there too.

Here are some tips for setting up a clown ministry in a hospital, rather than a nursing home. Because a captive audience is vital.

But here’s another rule. Don’t be creepy.

It turns out you can head along to a Clowns for Jesus conference if this excites you.

I’m so glad this is a thing.


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