Happy sixth blogday to me!

I get this date wrong every year. I’m going to schedule the next few posts anniversary ahead of time. Anyway.

I’ve been blogging for six years. Here’s my first post, as it reads on St. Eutychus, here it is on my original Blogger blog.

Its been a fun six years. Blogging is one of my favourite pastimes. I’ve posted 5,404 posts with 8,916 comments. I still love your comments, and love that people want to read my thoughts, rants, liveblogs and follow my wanderings around the interwebs.

This also means it’s six years since I moved to Townsville, where many life changing things happened, especially my meeting of my wife, and number one blog reader, Robyn. Who used my blog to suss me out, and introduce me to her family – so its been pretty worthwhile on that front. Also, her ongoing patience with my countless hours playing around on the internet and fiddling with my blog are a huge part of the reason I’m still online.

Thanks for reading.


Ben McLaughlin says:

Congrats, mate. Here’s to many more birthdays. Keep up the great work.

AndrewFinden says:

What’s the internet equivalent of fairy bread? Seems appropriate.

Andrew says:

Yes. Happy birthday or blogday. Congratulations (I think that is the appropriate phrase?)