How my wife hears Radiohead

A couple of weeks ago I spent $130 really well, and wasted another $130 at the same time. Robyn and I went to see Radiohead.

This video has some language in it. But it’s pretty much how what she experienced one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. It’s amazing what sitting next to somebody who is experiencing the same event you’re enjoying in this manner does to you…

Meanwhile, I was watching something more like this… (skip to 1:44:08, I can’t get the timed embed code thing to work…)

2 thoughts on “How my wife hears Radiohead”

  1. It’s amazing that someone bothered to spend the time making that first video. I’ve seen a similar one of nickelback. It’s like being able to say “I don’t like this band” just isn’t enough for some people – they have to make it out like they’re actually incompetent in order to justify their distaste.

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