Jesus Week at Uni of Queensland

This week QTC is on mission. We’ve travelled quite a distance. Across one road, and an oval, to the University of Queensland (UQ). QTC is based in a residential college at UQ. We’re helping out with Jesus Week – the on campus mission of student Christian groups Evangelical Students, Student Life, Unichurch, and Uni Impact… you can also check out the Facebook page for details about the week of Jesus based shenanigans.

Jesus Week Title Slide

Today I spoke about Jesus and Judgmentalism – to a room full of people, apparently there were even some visitors, and I met at least one person who reads St. Eutychus, who I’d never met before. That’s always fun.

There’ll be a podcast up soon – but be warned, the audio failed on the real run, and this is me reading it out, pretty much as fast as I could, in a semi-empty room where other people down the other end were talking about other things. So it’s not really representative of what went down – people did laugh at my jokes. They were very kind.

If you’re at UQ – come along to the other talks – especially the ones on Thursday, because I’ll definitely be at both of them, and they’re good… we’ll also be doing stacks talking to people around the campus about who they think Jesus is. So if you’re the praying type – it’d be good to keep this week in your prayers.

I love that the week is all about Jesus – because he really is what counts.