Oh yes please: new Aaron Sorkin TV series gets a trailer

Newsroom based. It’s called “The Newsroom.” It’s like a TV series made for me.

There’s a language warning in this clip.

5 thoughts on “Oh yes please: new Aaron Sorkin TV series gets a trailer”

  1. Wow wow wow. I knew it was coming. And now it’s here. The bidding war surrounding Studio 60 was a lesson for Sorkin. It’s not just about the highest bidder but finding the right fit. Thus HBO is absolutely the best move. They fully back series and I suggest this one should get well past 1 season. The truncated story arc on Studio 60 was a sad result of being on a network which didn’t fully support it, and which made the stupid decision of greenlighting two behind the scenes of a late night comedy show shows in the same season (I refer you to 30 Rock). Studio 60 had higher ratings but a much higher budget.

    End rant.

    This show will probably be the best thing on television this year.

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