On instagramming your food

Instagram was down yesterday. Along with a bunch of other bits of the internet that are hosted on Amazon’s servers.

I like Instagram (my username is nmcampbell and you can check out my profile using the nifty webstagram service), it’s almost exclusively my camera app of choice for cafe reviews on thebeanstalker.com. I take a lot of photos of Soph, and a lot of photos of food. So now, when I read this McSweeney’s Open Letter to people who take pictures of food on Instagram I feel a bit bad.

“You proceed to take various angled shots of the avocado being sliced, the blueberries getting washed, and your bearded boyfriend plucking feathers from the partridges because the Farmer’s Market only sold them with feathers, because plucking out the feathers themselves would be too mean and they’re the nice kind of farmers who kill with love. And now that your meal looks professional and Alexandra Gaurnaschelli would approve of it (but Scott Conant would totally get the one piece of undercooked bird) there is a great final product shot taken, complete with two Coronas because you were feeling summery.”

That’s me. Here are some instagram photos of our dinners last week.

Guilty as charged.


AndrewF says:

That letter was quite funny. I assume she was intentionally being ironic; that is a hipster thing to do.