Unhappy day: Coffee and Computers don’t mix after all…

My computer is at death’s door. It’s a sad time. I learned a hard lesson about coffee, computers, and electricity on Tuesday. I was trying to carry a wriggling baby, and some books – and I dropped the books onto a desk. The laws of physics and fluid dynamics took over – and coffee splashed over my laptop.

a sad equation

It died.

I took it to the Apple Store. They temporarily resurrected it, but gave me a bit of paper that declares “not economical to repair” – and a prognosis of “not very long” before the corrosion from the spill renders poor compy inoperable. It is insured to some degree – just how much is yet to become clear. But it looks like I’m in the market for a new computer…

Basically this situation reminds me of the end of this Strongbad’s Email 78.

This one also seems germain to the situation at hand.

I’ve also had this song in my head since.

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