Infographic: Beards as fonts

This is an essential guide to growing a font, or choosing a beard. Should you wish to do either.

Designed by Typostrate.

1 thought on “Infographic: Beards as fonts”

  1. is the decrease in facial hair among men a sign of our society’s feminising effect on us? or merely the eternal boyhood that men tend to live in? looking at the photos of the session at our church in decades gone by, beards or at least moustaches were the norm. the closest i can think of in the circle i know of at our church is the occasional soul patch pretending to be original.

    that men no longer want to be identified as a man, and are happier in the early adolescence of boyhood? It might explain some of the 40-something guys leading worship who are trying to maintain the surfer / rocker look long after it ceased to work for them.

    in my own defence, i have given facial hair a red hot go on several occasions, but due to the follicle density, and my hair being fairly light in colour, i end up looking derelict rather than dashing.

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