The Bible on Prime Time

I enjoyed this and thought it was a largely helpful rendition of the narrative of Genesis-Exodus. I really appreciated the way the show used and presented some of the behind the scenes aspects of the narrative with sensitivity. And then there were the ninja angels…

In the absence of more substantive thoughts. Here are my tweets, and those I retweeted, from tonight…

Did you watch? Do you have thoughts?


Gav says:

I loved Noah telling the Creation story. “Inspired” piece of storytelling. I reckon that’s exactly what he would have been doing while the ark was tossed about, to strengthen their faith in their Creator God who is in control of all things bcse He made them.

Wasn’t surprised they left out the bit where Lot offers his daughters to the Sodomites. Should have left it in to show Lot’s lack of righteousness and yet was still saved by God, and left out the ninja angels bit. Something for the masses. Ah well. At least they didn’t have an Abram/Hagar sex scene. Maybe next week with Delilah.

Was moved to tears by Abram’s sacrifice of Isaac. Powerful piece of TV there, although I wonder if it just leaves them impression of a capricious God for those who don’t hang around until the NT eps.

i’ll watch next week.

Mick says:

– Was impressed by all the pointing to Jesus.
– Was impressed by the regular references to God (‘we have to trust in God’, ‘God is with us’, ‘God will save us’), where many renditions of the Bible over-humanise it (though it showed the human characters fantastically).
– The Nazgul visited Abram a few centuries before the Dementors came and killed all the firstborn in Egypt.