Classics re-emojined

I’m not a huge fan of the use of emoticons. But I have found myself using the little emoji thumbs up thing in a few text messages lately. Please help me.

I do like these reworks of old school art by Nastya Nudnik. Part 1 is just emoji representations of classic paintings, Part 3 is classic paintings made into posters for modern movies, it’s Part 2, characters from classic paintings doing social media stuff, and part 4, a slightly (a)religiously themed set of paintings with error messages, that I’m a little fond of. Part 5 offers the google treatment to a few paintings.


AndrewF says:

Emoticons are a necessary evil. I suppose one could argue that good writing would lead to be able to spot things like sarcasm and playfulness, but most of the writing we do on the internet is not literature, but rather quickly typed out reactions, and it’s notoriously easy to misread emotions. When we take the the physical clues out of socialising, how do we easily indicate and recognise when things are not the cold, literal meaning we might be reading? I suppose one might also argue that we should never be facetious unless we know the reader knows us well enough off-line to recognise it.

These works remind me of a project we had to do in grade 10 art.