I’ve been banging on about finding ways to use social media to give a reason for the hope that we have (ala 1 Peter 3) for some time. Here’s a way you can do that. #GoEverywhere is an initiative from yesheis.com to see a coordinated blast of Gospel on Facebook and Twitter. I’m joining in. It’s pointing people to this video which is a nice account of the Gospel. I’m hoping it’ll start some discussion with my friends.


Here’s a nice little spoken word encouragement to get on board.



Daniel says:

That’s a great video. Easy to watch and understand, yet does a great job of bringing in/explaining the atonement.

But what do you reckon about using the term ‘bad choices’ to describe sin? Maybe it’s a UK/Australia thing, but to my ears ‘bad choices’ doesn’t normally have an ethical element to it – or if it does, it’s the language we use to minimise that dimension. It’s a ‘bad choice’ to eat fruit loops for breakfast every day. Maybe you make a ‘bad choice’ and pick the wrong uni. But I don’t think ‘bad choices’ makes me think about how the things that I do that hurt God/neighbour/self come from within, because at heart I am a rebel.

I know you can’t say everything in a gospel presentation, though being sloppy on this point makes me not want to add oxygen to the #thunderclap…

Nathan Campbell says:

I don’t know. I guess my definition of sin is that it’s the ongoing bad choice and resultant bad choices of rejecting God’s rule and choosing your own. It seems to be an echo of Eden.

I don’t think it’s a bad choice to eat fruit loops for breakfast every day.