About Nathan Campbell

I am a Christian. A husband. A father. A son. A brother. A writer. A PR Consultant. A coffee drinker. A fan of staccato lists in profiles. I am a licentiate minister with the Presbyterian Church of Queensland. And a servant of the saints with Creek Road Presbyterian Church, where I’m the Campus Pastor at a new inner-city church in South Bank.

I was bought at a price – to belong to Jesus who died my death, and was raised so that I could live his life. I won’t always meet that standard – in fact I often won’t – but I hope that in some sense both my life outside of this blog, and my contributions here, will point people to two truths – I am a terrible and broken person – but I am loved by an amazing God.

I have been married to a very patient and talented woman, Robyn, for five years, and a father to a curious and amazing daughter, Soph, for almost one year. We have pet birds, and turtles. I love coffee. I love the internet. I love writing. I love my daughter. I love my wife. And I love Jesus. Roughly in that ascending order.

I grew up in a Christian home, and have no doubt that the instruction I received from infancy (to steal something Paul wrote to Timothy) helped make me a Christian. That doesn’t make Christianity any less plausible – it just makes me lucky, and biased. Hopefully I’ve accounted for that bias, but no doubt I hold opinions that I haven’t been forced to defend yet. Help me do that. My parents are in ministry at this church.

In a former professional life I worked in public relations in an incredibly diverse role. I love communication stuff, and I still do some consulting, usually for biggish clients, though I’m always happy to lend my services (at a price) to anybody, and I’m happy to give my services (for free) where time allows and it helps people promote Jesus.

I’m an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland, serving at a new church in South Bank, In the heart of Brisbane, with Creek Road Presbyterian Church. I have the honour of taking part in the denominations Gospel in Society Today (GiST) committee – which looks at ethics and public engagement and wants to see our society meet Jesus.

All of these roles, and who I am, informs the content here – sometimes I write things relating to my essays, or what I’m thinking at church, other times I write things as I process stuff I’m doing at church or for GiST.

This is my blog. Well. One of them. I also blog about coffee, more serious theology (and college stuff), and collect cute animal videos for Soph.

The thoughts here are mine. And not representative of the thoughts of my God, wife, daughter, pets, clients, denomination, college, or church. They will occasionally be wrong, occasionally be right, occasionally be rich, occasionally be anemic – but will always be offered in the hope that you’ll engage with them. You can read more about that in the “Disclaimer” page, and read about how to take part in the conversation, or a conversation, on this site in the comments policy.


From time to time I’m asked if stuff I write here can be reproduced in print by churches or other sites. My answer is always yes. I have strong beliefs about copyright. Anything I write here that is good is good because of whatever gifts God has given me. Who am I to get precious or pretentious about that sort of thing. While I write to process my own thinking, I am aware that people read and I hope to be writing out of love for people, I hope that sometimes this means what I say is helpful.

It does encourage me when people tell me this, but it also feeds my ego, so don’t feel obliged. If you use something you are free to edit it, if you use stuff I’ve written acknowledging this might save embarrassment for one, or both, of us. If you adapt or add stuff, noting that you’ve done so would be appreciated.




About St Eutychus

Eutychus was a young man who fell to his death because the Apostle Paul preached for too long (Acts 20).

I’ve decided to canonise Eutychus and make him the patron saint of both my dalliances around the Internet, and clear and non-boring communication. Look. I don’t think Paul was boring – quite the reverse. But the story is funny, and it’s funny that Eutychus will forever be remembered as the guy who fell asleep while arguably the second most influential preacher of all time was speaking.

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13 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you for being. Not that you can take credit for that, but you have had a say in allowing yourself to be hammered into a shape that can bring glory to God. Your words are like a breath of mountain air after stepping out of this world’s slums. Or like a well deserved kick in the butt. Or both, simultaneously.

  2. Wow. Truly wow. I thought I was unshockable, but I am gobsmacked!
    And not a shred of irony either!
    Your a minister.
    You have studied theology.
    You lead a church which is really very disturbing.
    And such free flowing judgments whilst holding yourself as a spokesperson for Jesus. What a shame you lack total self awareness. You are a dangerous person many more I’ll informed opinions than any bogan I have ever encountered. It’s people like yourself that make me despair for the human race. Shame in you. Just disgusting.

    1. Hi Treena,

      Umm. Thanks for the feedback. I’m just not sure which posts in particular you’re referring to since you’ve made this comment on my About Page. Care to shoot me a link to the offensive post(s)?

    2. Well good Christian, that would be your charming article entitled “Pondering the self identity of Bogans”. Sounds like a charming all inclusive church you run up there by the way. What do say to me?
      Oh, In Christ. Hhmmmm.

        1. Hi Treena,

          Thanks for calling me out on that one. I’ve just read it again, I’d completely forgotten about that one. It’s unloving and judgmental, and I will post something on top of it that says as much. To be fair, it was written before I was a pastor and part of the point of a theological education is to grow up, and be more aware of the cost of one’s words, perhaps especially words written or spoken for the sake of humour at somebody else’s expense.

          1. Here’s the apology I’ve posted on the top of the self-identity of bogans post:

            “In 2016 a commenter, Treena, pointed out that this post is pretty judgmental and unloving. She’s right. I don’t, as a general rule, delete or edit my mistakes. I want to own them. But having read this post again, I regret the way that I spoke about other people. Strangers. My neighbours. This post is unloving, ungracious, a bit superior, and, to be frank, it is poorly written. And I trust that you’ll forgive me for all of that. I hope would certainly not write a post like this now, one of the interesting things about blogging over such a period is that there’s not much in my archives that represents where I am now in terms of my thinking, writing, or maturity, but it is interesting, and perhaps encouraging, for me to look back on old posts and be able to see where I’ve come from, for good or for ill. So thanks again to Treena for being so bold as to call me out, and I apologise for this post. I recommend not reading it, and certainly wouldn’t recommend thinking it speaks for me, or should speak for you. “

  3. Would appreciate the opportunity for contact with you.
    Presbyterian Church minister, 1949-77
    Uniting Church minister, 1977-89
    Hospital Chaplaincy 1979-84

  4. Thank you for your response to the ABC report on domestic violence and the church. I love the well meaning men in my life enough to challenge them when they take Andrew Bolt at his word without reading the original article or research and then post it on FB. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve posted the link to your article along with some other research and articles as a rebuttal to their lack of research.

  5. Nathan, like may others, I am grateful for your contributions for your “public square” contributions to gospel discussions and also like others I would like to be able to print out what God has given you to share with the rest of us. I am not a Facebooker – your “two tables” piece was brought to my attention by my wife, Marion, who is, but neither of us know how to get your piece into a form where I can print it – we are both 77 years of age – help!

  6. Dear Nathan,

    Recently read your article about Kanye West. Thank you for taking time to write about ‘ordinary people’ who are touched by God…. whether it be ‘a celebrity’ or ‘an athlete’ it just happens that they are rich (a blessing from God).
    It feels that there is a hint of religious arrogance in your article. Just to quote –
    ”It’s also a bad idea because Jesus doesn’t need celebrity to be compelling”, ………………………………………………….. In fact for me and true believers, this only displays the amazing grace of our Lord Jesus Christ who in His mercy bring ‘His life and truth’ to anyone who seeks Him. Instead of glorifying God you have only try to act smugly moralistic in your editorial, which sadly goes against all that the Lord has given in His gospel.

    The reason why God will use (anyone He wills) celebrities like Kanye to ‘lift His name’ is because the ‘theologists’ are either too busy behind the pulpits or writing online columns and not “preaching the Gospel” of Kingdom.

    God Bless you in lifting the name of Jesus!
    Shalom Aleichem.

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