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23 bacon products to take your breath away

Back in June I posted two handy products (bacon lip balm and bacon gum) to help your breath maintain its bacon-fresh aroma. If you want a full arsenal of dental deliciousness get a load of these.

Bacon toothpicks

Bacon breath mints

Bacon dental floss

And some alternative Bacon Lip Balm

And alternative Bacon Gum

Bacon T-Shirts

Nothing shows your love for bacon like wearing it on your sleeve… or perhaps torso…
Push Button… receive bacon

A dream presidential ticket

Bacon makes everything better

Jews 4 Bacon – if I was Jewish I’d convert to Christianity in a snap.

But wait, there’s more

If you love a morning coffee with your morning bacon but you’re strapped for time – how about this “Maple Bacon Coffee“.

If you want to keep your car and house smelling like bacon get a load of this bacon air freshener.

If you want the rest of you to smell like bacon, but don’t want to make your own bacon soap, you can purchase this stuff.

Decorate your home with these bacon cushions.

Nothing helps you wash down your BBB (bacon, bacon and bacon – why use salad when you can just eat the good stuff) like liquid (bacon beer perhaps) from a bacon drink bottle.

Carry that around with this bacon lunch box for a truly inspired lunch time.

If you want to go to the butchers and produce an appropriately themed wallet you could do no better than this one

Nothing says “it’s bacon time” like a bacon watch.

If you haven’t eaten enough bacon you can hold your pants up with a bacon belt

Thrill your friends with the prospect of a bacon tuxedo with this gift box (tux not actually included)…

Ali sent me a link to this bacon scarf

If you want to go as bacon to a fancy dress party, or the office, then this bacon and egg combo is for you…

St Anthony is apparently the patron saint of Butchers – and thus the patron saint of bacon… by logical extension.

Finally, if you’re ever in a tight spot and asking “What would bacon do” here’s a handy Bacon spinning chart that comes with a handy document folder.

How to make your own bacon beer

I wrote about a professionally brewed bacon beer a while ago. It was a limited edition and had already sold out. Sorry to whet your appetite while simultaneously crushing your palatial dreams. Well today I come to your rescue – lets call this porcine bitter… the recipe is recorded in full here (it comes with an extreme language warning).

Step 1. Cook some bacon.


Step 2. Put the bacon in a jar, covered with whisky.



Step 3. Rest for 24 hours in a dark place, then chill it in the freezer for 4-6 hours.

Step 4. Strain it over and over again with a coffee filter – you’re aiming for a clear, but bacon flavoured, alcoholic liquid.

Step 5. The guy who invented this used porter – you could probably use any type of beer that you want to taste like bacon. He used 100 drops of bacon bourbon for every 350mL of beer.


How to top Bacon Jam

Bacon and beer. Two food groups. Two concepts. Two things that go together. Together, traditionally, in the same way that milk goes with cereal. But together, in this post, in the same way that cocoa goes with rice bubbles…

I thought bacon jam was the pinnacle of culinary innovation, and then Brooklyn Brewery is putting together a special brew

“It’s a special malt that was smoked in the same room with some of the bacon made by the legendary Allan Benton. “It’s almost terrifying how much the malt smells like bacon,” Mr. Oliver said.

He plans to brew about 15 gallons of barleywine with that malt. In the meantime, he’s been infusing a brown ale with the flavor of Benton’s bacon fat through a technique known as “fat washing.” Oh, and the bacon-fat-infused ale was also aged in bourbon barrels, because bourbon and bacon go together like, um, beer and bacon.

Eventually, the barleywine with the bacon-smoked malt and the bourbon-aged, bacon-fat-infused ale would be blended to create one monstrously bizarre beer.

Sounds delicious. Unfortunately it probably won’t ever be made available for purchase

“Unfortunately, the answer is nyet. Brooklyn Brewery made 21 cases of Reinschweinsgebot for special events, which isn’t enough for even limited commercial distribution. And don’t expect it to go wide anytime soon. Oliver tells us that “the technique we used — which comes originally out of the perfume industry — involves transferring an aroma from a fat to a liquid without actually transferring the fat itself. Then to completely remove the fat and have none left in the liquid, it was very tricky.” However, he says he’s open to finding a way to simplify the process so that plebeians can one day enjoy bacon beer, too. Fingers crossed.”