How to make your own bacon beer

I wrote about a professionally brewed bacon beer a while ago. It was a limited edition and had already sold out. Sorry to whet your appetite while simultaneously crushing your palatial dreams. Well today I come to your rescue – lets call this porcine bitter… the recipe is recorded in full here (it comes with an extreme language warning).

Step 1. Cook some bacon.


Step 2. Put the bacon in a jar, covered with whisky.



Step 3. Rest for 24 hours in a dark place, then chill it in the freezer for 4-6 hours.

Step 4. Strain it over and over again with a coffee filter – you’re aiming for a clear, but bacon flavoured, alcoholic liquid.

Step 5. The guy who invented this used porter – you could probably use any type of beer that you want to taste like bacon. He used 100 drops of bacon bourbon for every 350mL of beer.



gjware says:

If you try making it please confirm whether drinking it induces tourettes or not.
After reading the comments, as well as the original post, I have my concerns.