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Christian rap kids sing wearing snuggies

Don’t people know YouTube videos can be set to private?

Please think twice before posting Christian parody songs on YouTube

This is awful. Don’t these children have parents…

Via Christian Nightmares.

“What you going to do with atheists? All those pagan atheists?
I’m going to set them free. Make them Christians just like me”

I hope they don’t think this song is part of that process.

But it could be worse.

I’m happy for you to believe that the earth is 6,000 years old, and that dinosaurs died in the flood, I like the Bible too. And I think taking it seriously is important. But please. Please. Please. Don’t take a song like this, and turn it into a song like that. Just awful. If people think your cause is ridiculous

There are some songs that you hope are a joke…

I think this is the Pokemon theme song? Maybe? Just because of the “got to save them all” line.

Just awful.

Hardcore bible thumping spirit filled Jesus freaks

Oh. No. This even gets autotuned at the end. It’s like all the badness merged together. I like how they say this is the “official film clip” in the title – as though anybody is going to make an unofficial one that could possibly be worse than some guy sitting in front of a fence, if you watch closely you’ll notice that they horizontally flip one of the clips (which makes all the writing backwards) – is there some sort of backwards masking going on there?

Could this be the worst Christian song on YouTube?

Umm. See this post. This is awful. Just awful. Maybe it’s the look on his face. Half constipation. Half naked aggression.

Pastor Anderson: How to play guitar in church

For those struggling to get the music in church right, and looking to use more than the “traditional piano and organ”… you can play any song in the hymnal with just C, F, and G.

Bad Christian Rap…


Double eww.

And umm. Again. Bad.

Found these on White People Rapping Poorly. Enjoy is probably the wrong word.

Old Skool Christian Music

You know that song about being to young to march in the infantry, ride in the cavalry or shoot the artillery… here’s what happens if some adults make a film clip for it.

That sort of thing just doesn’t age well. I’m sure it was the coolest thing out back in the 1970s.

A scary puppet sings a kids song

Clowns might scare some people. Puppets scare me. Especially when they seem a little too human. I like it when puppets don’t break that “fourth wall” and become real characters with implicit souls.

Surely if you wanted to perform this song for the benefit of children you could have found a real child to sing it. Maybe this one. (via Scotteriology)

An ode to Sarah Palin

This is every bit as terrible as you think it will be.

Actually. It’s more terrible.

The world’s most under-enthusiastic film clip participants

If you were going to make a film clip about God using kids for ministry – a notion I have no problem with1 you could at least pick a bunch of kids who looked happy to be there.

1I think God uses kids. I think kids participating in ministries is fine, and evangelising people is fine, and generally the concept of kids being Christian children (as opposed to the ideas popularised by Richard Dawkins). I think these things are fine only if the kid is acting under the kid’s own (and God’s own) steam. Just want to put that disclaimer out there… in case you think I have a problem with the sentiment of that song – and not just the apathy expressed on the faces of those children.

Colby is less apathetic though. I suspect this might be the original version of that song.

New Third Eagle Single out now.

Check it. It’s about having children. Surely a sign that the end times aren’t happening just yet…

If Bieber were a Christian singer called “technopraise”…

He would look and sound like this monstrosity.

This kind of performance gives carols a bad name.

Dear Parents: a lesson in not giving your children instruments, iMovie and an internet connection

Once these videos are online, and have been discovered, there’s no turning back…

Bad Christian Music #74

YouTube’s supply of bad Christian music seems bottomless. I can’t remember if I’ve seen this before. But it made me laugh.