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Rappin for Jesus

These guys do “exude some Christian swag.”

But this is not how to make the gospel relevant for the hip hop community. There is so much wrong with this… particularly the bit where a couple of middle aged white people are more than a little bit racist, not to mention that they’re rapping.

Could this be the worst marketing song ever written and performed?

Introducing John Daker

John Daker is available for your next church musical event.

Here is a subtitled and animated version.

Friends don’t let friends jump on 1 and 3…

Four garish items of clothing.
Three dance moves.
Two Eric Cantona lookalikes. 

One bad song.
No rhythm.
Recipe for musical disaster.

Clayton’s Tapley: The Co Co prophet of the End Times

Wow. Not only does this guy, Richard Hackley (read more about him here), sound a lot like William Tapley – he shares similar production values (at least when it comes to sound – he doesn’t do much of his own video stuff).

It sounds a bit like Dire Straits. Only not.

I’m not sure about the clip with the ladies jelly wrestling.

Some inspirational Monday Morning Music

If ever any female lead singer deserved a Madonna Mic – it’s this lady.

The little mid song interlude is pretty special.

Some cute/kitsch Christian music for your Friday night edification

There’s something irresistible about this video, maybe it’s the matching colours. Maybe it’s the bright house. Maybe it’s the incongruous dog. I don’t know. It’s certainly not the worst or weirdest Christian music on YouTube.

Nor is this, which apart from the ghostly severed heads is pretty cute.

Friday Tunes: New Third Eagle Song possibly related to Independence Day

I think the music just keeps getting better and better from this guy…

Godly music v ungodly music…

It’s important to know the difference. Apparently. Saxophone jazz is out. Saxophone muzak is in. Because it’s important that church sounds like an elevator.

You know the song “Heart and Soul” that every kid plays on the piano – it’s out. It’s a “Boogie-woogie” song, and thus unsuitable for gospel/worship music. Because it makes the body want to dance.

The Nu-Thang man: Horrible Christian rap and a nice follow up

You know how sometimes I’m forced to post speculative questions like “what were the parents of this kid thinking when they let him make a fool of himself in front of a camera”…

Well. In this case. I don’t have to. Because the guy behind this video has come forward. He’s now a 29 year old lawyer. And he responds to his viral infamy with grace and class.

“In retrospect, I think the performance shows a green-eared, gutsy attempt to passionately perform something I believed in. Does it look a little cheesy 19 years later? Sure. Are my clothes outdated even for 1992? Probably. Did I need an inhaler? A little oxygen would have helped!”

“I don’t think the purpose of the video was to convert people in the first place. Think about it. It’s a Christian TV show being watched by other Christian children…some of whom grew up and are now laughing at themselves for wearing flowery pirate pants.”

Arguing with Strawmen: Literally, not figuratively

I am aware of the danger of arguing with strawmen. But these guys have silly noses, and the idea that you get sick if you don’t pray enough is so stupid that they’ve earned their place in the St. Eutychus hall of YouTube Shame.

Via Jesus Needs New PR

Welcome to the Golden Star Palace

The Golden Star Palace sounds like a Chinese restaurant. But it’s not. It’s much worse.

Party like a Presbyterian

If there’s one thing Presbyterians like it’s a party.

So if you’re a Presbyterian who likes to party you should get a hold of this slightly awful Christian rap

Here’s a promo video. This is all the sample I needed.

If Owl City was a middle aged Christian woman in pink…

They might sound a little bit like this.

This reminds me of a karaoke act at a church concert I was at once. And that is not a good thing…

The subtitle thing on YouTube says:

“A great song with a powerful message! Enjoy!”

Here’s my powerful message. I didn’t.

She has heaps of songs on YouTube. You can watch them all.

This one, perhaps ironically, is called “Your Voice Is My Healing”…

Based on the birth year in her username this is a 67 year old woman. So she should know better. Or perhaps this is what the 66 year old men are looking for these days.

Cee-Lo Sanctified

Christian music fans rejoice! One of the biggest musical hits of last year was Cee-Lo’s catchy number that was far too rude for Christians to wander around singing along to. So here, as a piece of public service, is a Christian version for you to learn and hum along to.

And if anybody asks, upon hearing your humming. You can tell them the gospel as told by this song.