Street Fighter: Preacher Edition

No. This is not a video about street preachers.

Sometimes laughter is the only thing that stops you crying at just how appalling it is that people like Benny Hinn have a huge following.

Add this to your collection of Benny Hinn comedy.

More fun with Benny Hinn

I am truly surprised that there aren’t more Benny Hinn mashups out there. I’ve posted a couple before.

The Force: Coming soon to a church near you

This is doing the rounds of the blogosphere, but is too good not to post:

Benny Hinn and the Force.

Almost as funny as Benny Hinn and the song “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”…

YouTube Tuesday: A Hinnderance

Apologies if you have seen this already (3 million people have). But this made me laugh. In a sad way. I know that ultimately Hinn and his ilk are harmful, but treatment like this can only lessen their influence… right?

Anyway, somebody set Benny Hinn’s “spiritual slayings” to this song that I only know of as a theme song from a wrestling show. His stuff is about as real as wrestling (ie only as real as the people in the audience think it is).

He even Hulks up in this video… watch it brother…

I don’t think the verse he’s looking for is in the Bible. And I’m almost certain this bit isn’t:

But his wife takes the cake…