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Bottle Bidet: For those emergency moments when you need one?

Just $10. Money well spent.

Crucially, there are several colours.

The blurb seriously says this:

“The most important feature is the angle of the nozzle, which is designed to provide a direct flow of water to the desired wash area. The shower-head nozzle produces a gentle stream of water that is more effective than using toilet paper alone.”

Just remember to take a spare bottle of water.

For the sophisticated traveller

Traveller is an odd word. I’m firmly in the two “l” camp, but spell check is not… Irregardless, if you are a sophisticated traveller – be you the one “l” version or the two – you no doubt have found yourself in want of a classic bidet experience when visiting less than salubrious digs (not by choice obviously, given your level of sophistication).

This will no longer be a concern. You can even go camping. Safe in the knowledge that your bidet can come with you.