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The last post…

For today. And I think I used that title before. Perhaps. But I don’t care. 19 posts in one day (inclusive – but ignoring the fact that it’s after midnight). That’s got to be a record. I suspect maybe a third of them were actually worth posting.

It’s lucky the blog off is off though. For the sake of the others.

Blog Off: Update

Simone now has 19 posts (including a post that essentially amounted to her reposting my Sizzler toast recipe…)
Ben has 26 posts. All of them original.
I have 50. I’m going away for the long weekend though – so I suspect the others to put on a bit of a lead (remembering that I’m now on 0 after knocking over the 50 post handicap).

Another Something…

Is it cheating/not in the spirit of things/unethical to flag your opponent’s blogger blogs as having inappropriate content? 

The joys of self hosting…

Vanishing Vanishing Point

Some blogs rise to the occasion – some fall apart at the first sign of pressure…

Blog off: Running Tally

I’ve just checked out the competition in this little blog off, and I’m quietly confident. Well, loudly confident if the truth be told.

Simone: 9 posts

Ben: 14 posts

Me: 28 posts (29 including this one)

Do check out the competition – and as far as the rules are concerned I’m on -22. They get a 50 post head start.

Self filtering

You’ll be happy to know (particularly those following the whole blog off thing) that I generally only post about 40% of my ideas. Which means a 60% increase in posts shouldn’t be a problem.

Posts at dawn

Simone, Ben, myself and others have entered into some sort of blog off. The rules have already been rigged so that I can’t win. But I plan to anyway.

Here’s how they’re sticking it to the man (me) with the rules… but feel free to enter…

  1. Nathan’s first 50 posts don’t count. Sorry they just don’t. We need a little head start. So Nathan starts at -50. For the rest of us, we start at zero. Blogger with the most posts at 11.59pm on the 30th of June wins.
  2. Any post that clearly has no point isn’t counted. To judge a no-pointer, we look to the blogger’s blogging history. If they wouldn’t have posted it last month, it doesn’t count this month. (luckily this doesn’t really rule out anything for me…)
  3. You (I) can only count posts in your main column!

Thankfully, I can’t see this actually harming the quality of the things I post.