Posts at dawn

Simone, Ben, myself and others have entered into some sort of blog off. The rules have already been rigged so that I can’t win. But I plan to anyway.

Here’s how they’re sticking it to the man (me) with the rules… but feel free to enter…

  1. Nathan’s first 50 posts don’t count. Sorry they just don’t. We need a little head start. So Nathan starts at -50. For the rest of us, we start at zero. Blogger with the most posts at 11.59pm on the 30th of June wins.
  2. Any post that clearly has no point isn’t counted. To judge a no-pointer, we look to the blogger’s blogging history. If they wouldn’t have posted it last month, it doesn’t count this month. (luckily this doesn’t really rule out anything for me…)
  3. You (I) can only count posts in your main column!

Thankfully, I can’t see this actually harming the quality of the things I post.


i like how you’re trying to sound all nonchalant with ‘some sort off blog off’ as if you are not going into hard training for this as-yet-unparalleled-since-biblical-times epic battle.

Joel says:

I’m confused about the “no pointer.” If 80% of what you posted last month has no point, doesn’t that mean you can post 80% of pointless stuff this month and have it considered pointful, and thus coast to victory?

For the record, I’m tipping Nathan. Firstly because he can blog faster than I can read them, and secondly because even if someone else wins he will argue them into submission for the next 4 months.

Nathan says:

Too right I will. Arguing is my forte. Or perhaps blogging is. So arguing about blogging will be like combining my powers. I will be voltron.

Tim says:

Could we add a voting section as well like the viewers choice… at the end of the month each blogger submitts their favourite post and we all vote on which one we think is the best.

Dave says:

I’m just amazed that whoever decided the rules only penalised Nathan 50 posts – less than 1.7 posts per day. Nathan can pump that number out before the coffee has even started reaching his synapses. It’s like having a 5 metre head start on Usain Bolt in the 100m sprint. My money’s on Nathan.

Ben McLaughlin says:

To be honest, I’d say everyone’s money is on Nathan. He’s an ominous threat.

But like the nazis, it is a fight worth fighting. He must be taken down, even if a blog coalition must be formed to destroy Goliath.

Tim says:

I dunno Simone probably has a pile of songs on her computer she is working on- she can post them all on the last day “for feedback” I think that would be valid too :)