I haven’t been writing much here lately so it hardly feels like I can say I’m ‘still blogging’ but two days ago this little corner of the internet turned ten years old. And that’s something.

I’ve been blogging for longer than I worked in the ‘real world’, for longer than I’ve been married, for longer than I’ve been a father, for longer than I’ve studied at uni, and for longer than I’ve been in vocational ministry. That’s a whole lot of significant parts of my life that have been around for less time than I’ve been systematically trying to incarnate (or excarnate) my brain online, encoded in bits and bytes by writing my thoughts down and hitting post to send them into cyberspace.

If you’re still here, thanks for reading.


That last post. Yep. The one about Taxidermied animals. That was post number 5,000 on this ‘ere little corner of the Internet. I’m pretty proud of that effort. I’ve been going, according to a date calculator thing, for five years, four months and twenty days (1968 days). And in that time I’ve averaged 2.5 posts a day.

I’ve known my blog for longer than I’ve known my wife.

To celebrate, I got hacked. Good and proper. By the Russian mob. Not just this site, but all the sites I manage. I think I’ve fixed it, possibly temporarily. After an almost all nighter. If you see anything amiss please get in touch with me. But in the meantime, I took those hackers. And I THREW THEM ON THE GROUND.

Blog envy

Simone’s blog turned two yesterday. I didn’t realise it was that young. They grow up so fast. Then, Ben, my favourite blogger (he drew my logo – amongst other awesome things) called her blog his favourite. Now I have blogger envy. I’m seriously considering campaigning to become his favourite blog. Maybe I should start a book group. Maybe a book group aiming to go through Penguin’s Good Book series – which, incidentally, are heaps cheaper on the Book Depository – I ordered about 20 of them the other day for under $70)…

What must I do Ben?