I haven’t been writing much here lately so it hardly feels like I can say I’m ‘still blogging’ but two days ago this little corner of the internet turned ten years old. And that’s something.

I’ve been blogging for longer than I worked in the ‘real world’, for longer than I’ve been married, for longer than I’ve been a father, for longer than I’ve studied at uni, and for longer than I’ve been in vocational ministry. That’s a whole lot of significant parts of my life that have been around for less time than I’ve been systematically trying to incarnate (or excarnate) my brain online, encoded in bits and bytes by writing my thoughts down and hitting post to send them into cyberspace.

If you’re still here, thanks for reading.


Mitchell Dunkin says:

Nathan, I stumbled across your blog around 8 years ago by way of some link to a T-Shirt Monday feature, back when you wrote at nathangoestotownsville.com. I came for your compilations of coffee, pop culture and internet ephemera, and stayed for the well-considered thoughts regarding lived-out Christianity. Eight years ago I was still in school; I’ve now finished uni and married myself. While I haven’t met you per se (or maybe I did briefly at some QTC student visit to JCU?), I have valued getting to know you, as much as it is possible to via the internet. As you’ve chewed over various topics related to the gospel, apologetics, and how Christianity looks in the public sphere, I’ve been challenged to reflect on these things myself. You’ve made a big impact on the way I approach a lot of topics. Thanks for putting the time in to share your thoughts. It’s been quite a journey.

Nathan Campbell says:

Hey Mitchell,

Thanks for introducing yourself, albeit virtually, this has to be one of my favourite comments ever.