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Tetris: The Boardgame

I love Tetris. I don’t love boardgames (when I went on camps as a young, single, Christian male I used free time to talk to girls not to hit the cardboard square). But perhaps I’ll change my mind. Because this actually looks kind of fun. A bit like Connect 4. But with greater degrees of difficulty…

Via pocket-lint.

New Scrabble rules seem improper

Scrabble has officially jumped the shark – or whatever the board game equivalent is. The new rules from Mattel will allow players to play proper nouns – people and place names – thus pretty much allowing any word that parents have ever conceived for their children.

If there were a couple more z tiles in the letter distribution knowing that there is a movie in existence called Zyzzyx Rd would make you almost unbeatable at the game.

These new rules are dumb. I protest. I think I will write a letter. I wonder if these rules will extend to our perennial family favourite, Take Two.

While we’re on the subject of Scrabble – you might find it useful to know that an ai is a type of animal, and that both en and em are printer’s measures.

Board game keyboard key for bored

Tired of your old, boring keyboard? Spend all day dreaming about board games? Maybe you like long words using the letter q – like quixotic in the never ending hope you’ll come up with the goods next time you sit down for a friendly game of Scrabble. It’s worth 76 points according to this scrabble calculator. Now you’ll be able to figure it out using your keyboard without actually keying in a stroke…

I shared this Scrabble keyboard yesterday via a link – but text doesn’t do it justice. Here it is in the flesh.

How many points for xylophone?
How many points for xylophone?
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