New Scrabble rules seem improper

Scrabble has officially jumped the shark – or whatever the board game equivalent is. The new rules from Mattel will allow players to play proper nouns – people and place names – thus pretty much allowing any word that parents have ever conceived for their children.

If there were a couple more z tiles in the letter distribution knowing that there is a movie in existence called Zyzzyx Rd would make you almost unbeatable at the game.

These new rules are dumb. I protest. I think I will write a letter. I wonder if these rules will extend to our perennial family favourite, Take Two.

While we’re on the subject of Scrabble – you might find it useful to know that an ai is a type of animal, and that both en and em are printer’s measures.


Amy says:

As far as I can work out, it is a special edition of Scrabble, not a change for all Scrabblekind. So you might not have to break out your angry letter-writer yet.

Leah says:

I think Take Two is generally subject to house rules anyway :)