How to make incredible breakfast burritos in Six Steps

Last night, at some time around 11pm, I was talking to reader Tim Goldsmith on Facebook, and in an off hand comment (as he described a technical glitch he was having with this site) he mentioned two magic words. Breakfast burritos. I hadn’t had dinner at this point. I was inspired.

I’d had a breakfast burrito before. On the Sunshine Coast. It was delicious.

I had the ingredients. I still had the oil I’d used in the afternoon for the tortilla chips (I was planning to rebottle it to use again). I was hungry. So I made breakfast burritos. Here’s what I did…

Step 1. Cook the bacon and two eggs.

Step 2. Add some maple syrup and Worcestershire sauce to the bacon. This makes bacon delicious.

I just pour it on top of the cooking bacon – though beware, if you don’t watch it carefully it’ll coat your pan with a layer that’s almost impossible to clean. But it’s worth it.

Step 3. I had some sticky rib BBQ sauce in the fridge, so I put a dollop of that on the tortilla.

Step 4. I loaded up the tortilla with the bacon, some cheese, and then the egg.

Here’s about how cooked it was…

Step 5. Then it was into the frypan (with a bit of really hot oil – probably half a centimetre). It cooked/blackened really quickly. Heaps quicker than the chips.

Step 6. Plate up.

Delicious. It’s now on the menu if ever you come around for breakfast.