Breakfast flowchart

If the question of what cereal to eat in the morning is something you can’t tackle without a decent breakfast – thus creating an infinite loop of hunger – then you need this great flowchart. It even takes into account the fact that Australians have a more limited range of cereals to choose from (and perhaps less inclination to make a choice).

Build your own breakfast

My love for breakfast cereal knows no bounds. At least not when it comes to being pigeon holed into a time of day.

So I am excited by this site – which unfortunately appears to be a US only kind of deal.

If you can’t read the ingredients on the label of this bag click the image for a bigger version.

We need an Australian version of this. Soon.

It’s Pac time

My love for cereal is well documented. Cereal should be one of the five food groups… Beer, Bacon, Coffee, Chocolate and Cereal.

This, I believe, is the pinnacle of cereal theming – the Pacman breakfast cereal, featuring marshmallows.

From this site – dedicated to collecting details about the breakfast cereals of today for the cerealphiles of tomorrow…

Cereal Offender

I love cereal. I eat it all the time. I think that cereal companies should be most upset that they’ve been pigeon-holed as “breakfast cereal”.

I don’t think trivial rebrands solve any problems, so I don’t understand the NRL’s pitch to change their logo in order to resurrect its credibility.

If a lobby group consisting of Kellogs, Sanitarium and other major cereal players was to form in a bid to rebrand their products as all day things I would totally understand that sort of thing. And support it.

I am eating a bowl of Fruit Loops as I write this.

That is all. 

Our daily Fred: The breakfast edition

Two products for today’s email – they’re not sold as a set but will no doubt bring countless minutes of joy to your breakfast routine.

By the way, did you hear the one about the little burnt cornflake?*

Here’s the milk jug… in a convenient half pint size.

And now, the cereal bowl – remember, no crying over spilt milk, but how could you if the spillage was permanently capture in such a stylish fashion.

*I can’t tell you the rest this time… it’s a cereal.

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