Build your own breakfast

My love for breakfast cereal knows no bounds. At least not when it comes to being pigeon holed into a time of day.

So I am excited by this site – which unfortunately appears to be a US only kind of deal.

If you can’t read the ingredients on the label of this bag click the image for a bigger version.

We need an Australian version of this. Soon.


Leah says:

Umm… why don't you just go to Woolies, buy a cereal base, some dried fruit & nuts, and mix them all together in a tupperware (or similar) container? My mum's been eating her own cereal mix for years.

Nathan says:

I don't think Robyn would let me put chocolate coated coffee beans into my breakfast cereal.

Check out the options on that website though… Amazing.

You could come close to producing something similar, but I don't know which would be more cost effective.

I just think it's a cool web service. I like the idea that things can be infinitely customisable online.

Leah says:

Hahaha. But then would she let you buy cereal with chocolate coated coffee beans?

Leah says:

And I think it would be far more cost-effective to make your own. After going through and creating my MojaMix (cornflakes, 3 types of dried fruit and no nuts or extras) it comes to US$6.09 for 340g. I bet I could make a 1kg package for $10 or less.