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Inked up Lego minifigs look tough.

These tattooed lego men are a brilliant piece of advertising for a fine point pen.

Via 22 Words.

Sticky marketing

Human Rights activists spend far too much time sitting in cages in public spaces and doing things that are too easy to ignore. Largely because they’re so obnoxiously offensive that we immediately shield ourselves from the horrors they describe. Their campaigns aren’t generally “sticky” for this reason.

Stickiness is an important part of any marketing campaign – finding a message that is memorable is vital if your product isn’t something that involves an immediate and spontaneous purchasing decision (like a bottle of Coke). 

Stickiness was particularly important to this UNICEF anti-landmine campaign, in a more literal sense.

Adhesive stickers with bottom side simulating a detonator for explosive were placed on the pavements in Zurich. When the passers by checked their shoes, they saw the message from UnicefIn many other countries you would now be mutilated! Help the victims of landmines!

You know the drill

This makita ad went the hole way. The picture is made using more than 20,000 holes.

Gorilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is all the rage. Sneaky. Subvertive. In your face and yet subtle at the same time. Gorilla marketing is another area all together – Cadbury tried it with their virally popular drumming gorilla – and who can forget Yogo (the chocolate yoghurt and its mascot Yogorilla).

Now, a health insurance company is in on the act. Gorillas don’t like eye contact. Apparently an escaped gorilla attacked a zoogoer for making too much eye contact recently. FBTO, this Dutch health insurance company responded by handing out these innovative zoogoing goggles. Found here.

Please take one

Celebrating ads in bus shelters is easy – but what about ads that people put up illegally on walls and legally on notice boards? The tear off ad is time honoured, and tried and true.

Here are two that I like.

From Flickr.

Free paper.

Something fishy…

I like good bus stop ads. I admit it. I think they’re great. Especially when they take the form of novel installation art. Like this bus stop ad with a fish tank featuring live fish, advertising an aquarium product manufacturer…

Found here.

The Chicken Dance

This “Subservient Chicken” will do just about anything you ask it to. Provided you use words that can be generally applied and don’t want him to adhere strictly to a literal translation of your instructions.


It’s clever. And an ad for Burger King. Tell him to punch himself in the head. I did. And was pleasantly surprised.

YouTube Tuesday: Fun meets Functional

This is a clever little car ad. It has a dog. It’s 15 seconds. Perfect viral fodder.

I will try to find a better YouTube Tuesday video for today – but for now this will suffice.