coffee art

YouTube Tuesday: Coffee culture

I know it’s not technically Tuesday. Well, not in Australia anyway. I’m a pretty inclusive kind of guy.

It’s been a long time since my last coffee post. I’d look it up, but that would take away valuable posting time and delay the wonder that is the Mona Lisa being recreated with coffee in Sydney. That’s right. This little video has gone all over the world, and it was created in our backyard. Impressive.

(potential) shirt of the day is running a reader poll on the next shirt they may or may not produce… there are some crackers (though they’re always a little obscure without the caption)… like this one called – it’s a coffee serving robot from the future.

There’s also this Tetris Airdrop…

And these kung fu sumos…

Still life

This print pretty much sums up two of my favourite things (not my only favourite things – just things I like). You can buy it as a print. Here.

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