YouTube Tuesday: Coffee culture

I know it’s not technically Tuesday. Well, not in Australia anyway. I’m a pretty inclusive kind of guy.

It’s been a long time since my last coffee post. I’d look it up, but that would take away valuable posting time and delay the wonder that is the Mona Lisa being recreated with coffee in Sydney. That’s right. This little video has gone all over the world, and it was created in our backyard. Impressive.


Leah says:

Heh. Andre was very disappointed the Aroma Festival started a week after we left Sydney.

Sadly, the Aroma Festival has become too big for its own good. the crowds are huge, and as a consequence the coffee isn’t always that good.

But popping along this year was the beginning of my wife drinking coffee – so that sound good to me (now have an better reason to spend time & money on coffee).

The guy doing the handmade (pump) espresso got a lot of interest this year – did you post that here a while back? You’re ahead of the crowd.