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CoffeeTalkies: For driving in convoy in Europe

Did I mention that I just got back from two and a half weeks in Greece and Turkey on an, ahem, study tour. I learned two things. Driving in convoys (difficult, but essential) is better with walkie talkies, and the coffee is terrible.

So I give you the perfect solution. CoffeeTalkies. A real product1, brought to you by the Onion.

1 The box is real. The product is not.

(Vege)table tennis

This is quite bizarre. I had never been to Design Bloom prior to little sister number two’s recommendation last week – and now I’m posting another link to it.

Where has this site been all my life?

Merging two types of tables is nothing new – KMart has been selling an all-in-one air hockey/pool table/table soccer table for years.

But this is so classy. Table Tennis meets the dining room.

iPhone killer

This must surely be a joke. If not, the Pomegranate NS08 is the iPhone killer. It comes with an in built coffee brewer. Based loosely on the “pod” concept this phone has an in built mechanism to suck up water and push it through a pod holding section of the device. It’s also an electric razor. Their website is worryingly well made and convincing. But it’s got to be a joke right? I’m pretty sure it is. But the site is worth a look.

The in-built harmonica is the giveaway really. And the accompanying video.

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