iPhone killer

This must surely be a joke. If not, the Pomegranate NS08 is the iPhone killer. It comes with an in built coffee brewer. Based loosely on the “pod” concept this phone has an in built mechanism to suck up water and push it through a pod holding section of the device. It’s also an electric razor. Their website is worryingly well made and convincing. But it’s got to be a joke right? I’m pretty sure it is. But the site is worth a look.

The in-built harmonica is the giveaway really. And the accompanying video.

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3 thoughts on “iPhone killer”

  1. Of course it’s a joke – the coffee brewer is probably one of the more sensible features :P

  2. I know, but their website/flash promo deserved some sort of coverage. It’s pretty funny. What an obscure range of products to bring together in one device.

  3. It’s an add for Novia Scotia.. of all things… I’d love a harmonica though, and talk and shave is classic!

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