Third Eagle says zombie attacks sign of end times…

You have no idea how much pleasure I took from writing the title of this post.

The video is a ramble, but it’s posted here for posterity’s sake so that we can all look back when the zombie attacks aren’t the bear attack from the book of Daniel.

As it turns out the zompocalypse and apocalypse are possibly the same thing. Who knew?

World War Three: Coming this Fall…

Simone has been enjoying trawling through the YouTube Archives of the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse (also known as the guy who wrote the “End Times Anthem”).

Here are his tips on how to prepare for World War Three. And if you don’t believe him it’s probably the devil.

I love how every prophecy of Daniel and Revelation actually apply to America.

YouTube Tuesday: The End Time Anthem

It’s been a while since I managed to post a YouTube Tuesday video this early on a Tuesday. But please, take a moment to enjoy this end time prophecy/hymn/anti-Obama rant. It’s helpfully subtitled. In case you’re watching it in a library.

Via Mike on Facebook.