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Snack attack

Bigger is better. Especially in the case of popular snacks. Like Cadbury Cream Eggs or Iced Vovos. Which is why it’s my pleasure to draw your attention to Pimp that Snack. Where common snacks become uncommon.

Seven foods I’d never eat

These are from a much larger collection here.

Polar expedition

Last weekend Hilton and Justina (Robyn’s sister and her husband) came up to visit. It was a surprise (for Robyn).

We went to Magnetic Island for a day.

Stopping at the region’s best restaurant – the Barefoot Art Food Wine, and getting all tropical with a coconut… Here are some photos – and here is a photo summary of the day.

How to eat a coconut

Step 1. Find a coconut

Step 2. Find a big stick and whack the coconut to remove the outer shell

Step 3. Remove the husk – this is a three person job

Step 4. Retrieve your big stick and split the coconut. 

Step 5. Eat the coconut