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Super Mario Art

There’s a whole lot of awesome Super Mario Bros stuff out there just waiting to be posted.

To save myself some of the trouble I’m going to compile it all into one post.

Found here.

This vibrating Mushroom Cushion ($US11.99) will give new life to your room.

This Etsy user has a whole stack of bed spreads and other 8 bit inspired manchester.

A game is only as good as its collection of villains. Here’s someone’s take on how the bad guys were cast…

Obviously Super Mario Bros was a good game. And much more entertaining than that video. Good enough to inspire this sort of street art

Or these sorts of incredibly painful tattoos

And this sort of painstaking dedication to converting things into Japanese artwork

This, for those not familiar with the whole Mario thing, is someone’s attempt to get everything turned into a handy graphical representation of a family tree – you can get a bigger version here.

And finally, this is a shirt laying down the life lessons learned from a life playing Mario games

It’s Mac Time

Robyn and  I have created quite the furore on Facebook by announcing our conversion to the cult of Mac.

I’m a long time PC apologist, meaning I have defended the humble personal computer’s virtues against the ravages of Apple’s sleek and appealing curves for years.

Pride comes before a fall.

When it comes to anything smaller than the desktop computer (where I think I’ll always appreciate the freedom to get under the hood) Macs are superior. There’s no denying it. They just work better.

That’s my reasoning – you can tell me I’m wrong here – or on Facebook.