It’s Mac Time

Robyn and  I have created quite the furore on Facebook by announcing our conversion to the cult of Mac.

I’m a long time PC apologist, meaning I have defended the humble personal computer’s virtues against the ravages of Apple’s sleek and appealing curves for years.

Pride comes before a fall.

When it comes to anything smaller than the desktop computer (where I think I’ll always appreciate the freedom to get under the hood) Macs are superior. There’s no denying it. They just work better.

That’s my reasoning – you can tell me I’m wrong here – or on Facebook.


Nobody says:

Not wrong! You’re right, right, right!!! :-D

Amy says:

If I can convince my husband that Macs are better – him being a notorious tinkerer, then converting you is easy!
As he points out, you don’t have to tinker because it just works.
Once you go Mac, you never go back…

Amy says:

But as I said on facebook – it would be nice if the tax office acknowledged them. It isn’t that hard.

queenstuss says:

I want a mac. When I was doing the music portion of my degree, there were only macs on that campus, because they support music software better, apparently. And other visual arts type software too, I suppose (seeing as that was who else used that campus). They looked funky in the late 90’s, and now they just look sexy. And I liked using them.

But you’ve met my extended family. I’m not sure I’m ready to be disowned…

queenstuss says:

(extended as in my siblings and siblings in law who ALL work in IT)

Just don’t bother buying either MS Word or Apple Pages if you want to write in Hebrew.

It appears that both Microsoft and Apple are a touch anti-semitic/arabic/thai when it comes to their office products.

Mark says:

Macs are great, just a bit more expensive. (Yes, even if you price in all the “standard” features to the comparison PC).

Don’t expect all the fancy bits of Excel on Mac, they left a few things out in Office for Mac last I tried – hence Apple’s “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” campaign – “PC’s are great for spreadsheets”.

You can run a virtual PC within MacOS for any ‘Doze app you can’t live without, and even multiboot if you need direct graphics acceleration (pretty much irrelevant unless you want to play PC games).

@Daniel – What application would you recommend for word-processing/typing in Greek and Hebrew? Either Mac or PC.

@ Mark
AFAIK Greek’s fine on Mac, the issue is typing right to left. (or NeoOffice) does RTL just fine on the Mac.

Andrew says:

Yes I married into a mac and it was one of the best things about getting married (apart from all the other best things).

David says:

Tori and were both mac users before we were married. I’d always been a mac user – I first remember learning about macs from my Dad when he brought one of the early models home. In my teenage years, I mucked around with a Commodore 64, and that was fun, but it never really was enough, and I came back to mac. Tori became a mac user later in life — she’d been on PC’s for a while, but some good friends of her introduced her to mac by giving her a free one. It did make getting married a bit easier — we both knew we had the same sort of priorities. We know quite a few friends like Nathan and Robyn where the husband and wife have different opinions about this sort of thing, and it can be really difficult. Of course, sometimes the un-mac partner will change later in life (as in Nathan’s case — wonderful news), but it’s unwise to bank on this happening. We think a lot of the problems can be solved early on if people recognise that dating a non-mac user may not really be a great idea….

Nathan says:

Wise advice Dave.

Actually, Robyn and I were converted simultaneously, after much discussion. Hers just arrived first because I ordered mine through work.