Introducing geeks

Meet the Geeks: Short Film from Sano Sagara on Vimeo.

I think I’m a Bible geek. A coffee geek. A food geek. A wannabe tech geek. And an Internet geek.

What sort of geek are you?

Wrist watch

I thought the digital amputee who turned his prosthetic finger into a USB drive was hardcore. He’s got nothing on this guy. Who is pioneering a digital tattoo, powered by body movements, and from what I can tell, receiving time updates remotely.

Geek hazards

Every now and then I do something geeky and pull a component out of my computer to replace it with a newer, better component. This is standard geek practice. But I’m an unco. So it always ends in tears. Or at least cuts and scratches. Computer parts are unbelievably sharp.

Luckily I now have an appropriately geeky bandaid solution.

Cake that’ll fill the gaps

In honour of Tetris’s 25th birthday I give you this. A geeky Tetris wedding cake. Beautiful. No doubt my wife (and little sister number 1 – who made our cake) is thankful that we’re already married.

This is part of an article featuring geeky wedding cakes which also featured this Mario cake…

Textbook geek

Nice to know I’m not actually a geek according to this scientifically proven anatomical diagram.

The results are in…

According to this long test I am only 24.76% geek. So there.

According to this nerd test I am 40% nerdy. I’m not sure you can compare the two…

I am nerdier than 49% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to take the Nerd Test, get geeky images and jokes, and write on the nerd forum!

No pun intended

I am totally taking up this hobby. Especially now I know puns are a mark of geekiness – not nerdiness. I am embracing my inner geek. With a little sci-fi I’ll be 10/10 in no time.