Wrist watch

I thought the digital amputee who turned his prosthetic finger into a USB drive was hardcore. He’s got nothing on this guy. Who is pioneering a digital tattoo, powered by body movements, and from what I can tell, receiving time updates remotely.

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  1. Craig

    Hey Nathan, looks really cool but if you look carefully at the 2 images he hasn’t moved his hand at all between the shots. I copied them photoshop as 2 layers compared them with the difference filter: the only difference is the stroke to turn the 5->6.

    It’s photoshopped.


  2. Nathan

    Spoils the magic doesn’t it…

    Having done a little bit more reading, I think it’s a “proof of concept” thing, so while it’s not real yet it’s an example of what could be potentially real using available technology.

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