Haven’t bought a Valentine’s Day present? Try Smittens

Hey you. Yes, you with the face.

This one time, I didn’t do anything for Valentine’s Day because Robyn and I had said “it’s so commercial and stupid, lets not do anything” – what she meant when she said that was “I hope you do something for me as a surprise”… so at 11:30pm, when I had sensed that she was upset at me for some odd reason, we went out to steal a frangipani clipping from a roundabout. How romantic.

Never again will I be so blasé about the commercially driven romantic non-holiday. So. I give you. Smittens. Gloves for handholders.

Problem solved.

For those who fail at spatial orientation

Some people. No, some women, struggle with knowing right from left. It’s true. They seem binarily opposed and permanently fixed relative to one’s eyes and hands. It seems like it should be more than a fifty-fifty bet. But still, they struggle. So now, I present you all, these gloves. May they be a blessing for the female drivers in your household.

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