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Tumblrweed: Godzilla Haiku

Haikus are my favourite form of poetry.

Especially when they involve Rebecca Black. And Godzilla.

Or are just haikus about Godzilla… those are pretty awesome too…


Reverse movies meme: Popular plotlines inverted

So, there’s a bit of a meme going around where people reverse the plotline of movies – like:

127 Hours backwards – the humbling story of a young amputee who goes into the desert and finds an arm.

And this:

I reckon that’s fun. So I’ve come up with a few. Have you got any?

Titanic – The story of a huge, ship shaped, submarine that emerges from the depths to rescue hundreds of people from a frozen, watery, grave.

Romeo + Juliette – the story of two zombies, who return from the grave only to be kept apart by their feuding families.

The Wizard of Oz – A young lady is sent by a wizard to fly a house to a faraway land. First she must get rid of a bunch of weird followers, removing vital organs and personality traits, and eventually she releases a witch from her captivity under said house.

Knock yourselves out.

Monster Mash

You’ve always wondered where to stab Godzilla right? Well thanks to bookofjoe – and whoever came up with these – you’ll now know what to do when faced with a building sized Japanese monster.