Reverse movies meme: Popular plotlines inverted

So, there’s a bit of a meme going around where people reverse the plotline of movies – like:

127 Hours backwards – the humbling story of a young amputee who goes into the desert and finds an arm.

And this:

I reckon that’s fun. So I’ve come up with a few. Have you got any?

Titanic – The story of a huge, ship shaped, submarine that emerges from the depths to rescue hundreds of people from a frozen, watery, grave.

Romeo + Juliette – the story of two zombies, who return from the grave only to be kept apart by their feuding families.

The Wizard of Oz – A young lady is sent by a wizard to fly a house to a faraway land. First she must get rid of a bunch of weird followers, removing vital organs and personality traits, and eventually she releases a witch from her captivity under said house.

Knock yourselves out.

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