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Hottest 100 things to do in Townsville

Here’s the list. As promised. There are a lot of food related items. Apart from item number one they are not yet in order of quality. I will be putting these together as posts with pictures and stuff – probably on a separate blog.

My definition of Townsville is the same as Tourism Queensland’s – it includes everything north to Mission Beach, west to Charters Towers and south to the Burdekin.

So, Townsvillians – do you have anything to add or subtract?

I guess that I should state, for the record, that I enjoyed many of these experiences either free of charge or at a significant discount. That did not guarantee them a place on the list – I left a few things off.

  1. Orpheus Island
  2. Kopi Luwak at the Heritage Tea Rooms
  3. Barefoot Art Food Wine, Magnetic Island
  4. Steaks at the Watermark
  5. Yiros at WhiteBlue
  6. Yiros from the Souvlaki Bar on Gregory Street
  7. The view from Castle Hill
  8. The Strand
  9. Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island
  10. Breakfast with the Koalas, Bungalow Bay, Magnetic Island
  11. Cinnamon Donuts white fudge sauce and Turkish Delight at Betty Blue
  12. Breakfast at the C Bar on the Strand
  13. Flying in the Tiger Moth with Fly Scenic
  14. Reef HQ Aquarium – the search for Minty
  15. Beer at the Brewery
  16. Sport on the Strand
  17. Indoor Soccer at Willows ISA
  18. Wallaman Falls
  19. Duck at A Touch of Salt
  20. Build Your Own Burger at Cactus Jacks
  21. The Hill at a Cowboys Game
  22. Watching Robbie Fowler at a Fury Game
  23. The Australian Festival of Chamber Music
  24. Crumbed Steak at Molly Malones
  25. Hidden Valley Cabins
  26. Eggs Benedict with Doorstop Toast at Betty Blue’s
  27. Sunset beers at the C-Bar
  28. Swimming at Riverway
  29. Barbeque breakfast on The Strand
  30. Coffee from Coffee Dominion
  31. Coffee school at Coffee Dominion
  32. Steak at the Brewery
  33. Greek Fest
  34. Swim at Crystal Creek
  35. Alligator Creek
  36. The view from Mount Stuart
  37. Steak at Southbank Grill
  38. Stretch Jeep tour of Magnetic Island
  39. Gelati from Juliettes
  40. Mango Icecream from Frosty Mango
  41. Platypus Tour at Hidden Valley Cabins
  42. Hiring a moke on Magnetic Island
  43. Butter Chicken from Masala Indian
  44. Walk up Castle Hill
  45. Radical Bay Magnetic Island
  46. The science room in the Museum of Tropical Queensland
  47. Billabong Sanctuary
  48. Stay in a waterfront apartment at One Bright Point – Magnetic Island
  49. Bushwalk on Hinchinbrook – the pansy version
  50. Fishing at Hinchinbrook Island
  51. Waterfall tour – Jourama, Wallaman, Mungalli, etc
  52. Hang out by the horizon pool at Elandra, Mission Beach
  53. Meat Pies from Pukka Pies
  54. V8s in July
  55. Paronella Park tour
  56. Watching airforce practice
  57. Ghosts of Gold Tour – Charters Towers
  58. Indoor Paintball
  59. Banana Thickshake at BP Cluden
  60. Twisty Greek donut things at the Greek Festival
  61. Dinner at Peppers Bue on Blue, Magnetic Island
  62. Biking around the Ross River
  63. Biking around Anderson Park
  64. The maze and herb garden at the Queens Gardens
  65. Jetski tours of Dunk Island
  66. Boat around Magnetic Island
  67. Sailing on a tall ship around Magnetic Island
  68. Fishing at the reef
  69. Venus Gold Battery at Charters Towers
  70. Sunrise on the beach at Lucinda
  71. Birdwatching at Tyto Wetlands with John Young
  72. Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef
  73. Forts Walk Magnetic Island
  74. Sunset at West Point, Magnetic Island
  75. Barramundi Farm
  76. North Queensland Tourism Awards
  77. Sleepover at ReefHq
  78. Water park on the Strand
  79. Mudbrick Manor Cardwell
  80. Camping at Bluewater
  81. Camping at Broadwater National Park
  82. Rockslide at Crystal Creek
  83. Swimming at the Secret Spot – Paluma
  84. Lunch by the Marina in Anzac Park
  85. Mariams Thai
  86. Fish and Chips at the Strand
  87. Michels on Palmer Street
  88. Feeding the birds at Bungalow Bay
  89. Groovin the Moo
  90. Catch a DanceNorth production
  91. Poffertjes at Lukabean
  92. Go to the theatre with Tropic Sun
  93. Get some culture at the Civic Theatre
  94. See a show at Riverway
  95. Stay in a treehouse room at Hinchinbrook Island
  96. Cooking school at De Studi
  97. Visit an art exhibition at Pinnacles at Riverway or the Perc Tucker Gallery on Flinders Street
  98. The Great Tropical Drive
  99. Cocktails at Cactus Jacks Skybar
  100. Sang Choy Bow at Benny’s Hot Wok

Hottest 100: Things about Townsville

Now that I’ve officially told work I’m leaving I’m thinking about all the things I’ll be able to post here that I couldn’t before.

I’ve been mindful of the fact that as an employee of my organisation it’s a little bit dodgy for me to be promoting one business at the expense of another. That’s not the done thing around these parts. But once my official duties are over I will be able to share my expert opinion on the best things about Townsville. Thanks to my awesome job I’ve done most of the cool stuff there is to do here – from visiting tropical islands to flying in a Tiger Moth, and I’ve eaten meals and sampled coffee from just about every restaurant and cafe in town.

I’m going to try to write up a list of my 100 favourite things from the last four years. I’m not going to include people (so there’ll be no soppy references to Robyn), just places and experiences.

If you are from Townsville, or have been to Townsville, or have lived in Townsville and you have a suggestion for this list – put it in the comments.

This should be fun.